A downloadable game for Windows

A hybrid first person/ 2d platformer game, in CBJ the objective is to get to the end of the level as the platformer character, but to get to the end you must build the level in a first person view, creating blocks and then moving the 2d player.

There are physics on the cubes which make it a challenge to set up well structured platforms, and some bugs will occur (e.g if you can't move press Escape and select restart level, 2d follow camera will break because of the platformer character being in 3d space)

Created as a prototype for a University Project with Unity 4.5.

First Person Controls:

WASD = Move

1 = Select Red Cube

2 = Select Blue Cube

Space = Jump

RMB = Create Cube

LMB = Pick up Cube

Platformer Controls:

A = Move Left

D = Move Right

Space = Jump

Install instructions

Just unzip the file onto your computer and launch the executable provided.

Thanks for taking the time to download and Play! It really means a lot to me :)


CubeBuildJump.zip 8 MB