A downloadable game for Windows

A new take on a puzzle-platformer, in CBJ you switch between a 2D character and a first person character to solve puzzles that use different coloured cubes that have unique properties.

In its current form not much is here there is a tutorial level with a simple progression and the cubes are fully integrated (some minor bugs, some major) This is very much a work in progress, some things work and some things don't (any feedback would be appreciated with the link in the zip folder) nothing is finished and things WILL break.


Tab: Switch Between Characters

P: Pause

ESC: Quit Game (Closes Program)


A: Move Left

D: Move Right

Space: Jump


WASD: Move

Mouse: Look

Space: Jump

Left Mouse: Spawn Cube

Right Mouse: Pickup Cube

Mouse Wheel Up: Cube Type UP

Mouse Wheel Down: Cube Type DOWN

E: Interact With Cubes

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, open the WindowsNoEditor folder and open CBJProto.exe.


CBJ_TutorialBuild.zip (92 MB)


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