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A new take on a puzzle-platformer, in CBJ you switch between a 2D character and a first person character to solve puzzles that use different coloured cubes that have unique properties.

This was my Final year project for University, it may be taken further in the future but that really depends on whether I want to do so. It's been a blast making this and I hope you enjoy playing it as much.

This build features three levels:

  1. Tutorial Level - Get you used to the controls and how all the cube types operate.
  2. Early Game Level - Solve a simple puzzle involving some buttons and switching back & forth between characters.
  3. Sandbox - Use any cube you like, both in 2D and 3D mode in a large playspace.



LB: Switch Between Characters

Start: Pause Game

Back: Open Tutorials Menu

B: Close Menus

2D Character

Left Stick: Move Left/Right

A: Jump

X: Interact

First Person Character

Left Stick: Move Character Cycle through Cube Values

Right Stick: Rotate Camera

A: Jump

Right Bumper: Switch Hand Mode

DPAD Left/Right: Switch Cube Types (If in cube mode)

Left Trigger: Hold then release to spawn cube

Right Trigger: Delete Cube(In Delete Mode)

X: Interact

Install instructions

Its simple, just unzip the file and in the WindowsNoEditor folder will be an executable to run.

Thanks for Downloading and I hope you enjoy it!


CBJ_FinalDemo.zip 102 MB

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